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J-Fall 2016: November 3, 2016

On November 3, 2016 the J-Fall 2016 conference of the NLJUG will be held. J-Fall is organized by and for the community of Dutch Java professionals. With 1,500 Java professionals attending, J-Fall is the biggest Java conference of the Netherlands. At J-Fall you can participate in 4 keynotes, 28 sessions and 4 hands-on labs, hosted by more than 50 top level speakers from all around the world. The organizing committee is looking for you as a speaker to present your session in one of the available timeslots. Please share your Java knowledge with our community and submit a propal in our Call for Papers application. Click here to submit your proposal now  

The conference will be taking place at conference venue 'CineMec' in Ede, Netherlands. 

Important dates:

  • Call for Papers open for proposals: Friday, June 17th
  • Call for Papers closing: Sunday, August 21th
  • Accepts & declines Call for Papers sent: Sunday, September 4th
  • Timetable J-Fall 2016 online: Friday, September 9th
  • Registration J-Fall 2016 open: Friday, September 9th
  • J-Fall 2016: Thursday, November 3th

Tracks that you can find at J-Fall 2016:

  • Core - topics on core Java APIs
  • Cloud - topics on cloud, IaaS, PaaS, Big Data, and NoSQL
  • Enterprise - topics on Java EE APIs, web development, architecture, integration, and SOA/BPM related topics
  • JVM Languages - topics on alternative languages running on the Java Virtual Machine
  • Methodology - topics concerning the software development process of development projects
  • Mobile & Embedded - Internet-of-Things, mobile devices, embedded or real-time usage
  • New & Cool - popular new technology and/or remarkable application of technology in the real world
  • Tools - supporting tools for designing and/or development of applications or for automating the software development process