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A snapshot of Java EE 8!

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Rembrandt Enterprise
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11:45:00 - 12:35:00 Beginner English

Java EE 7 was released 18 months ago and from J2EE to Java EE 7, much has changed but we are not done yet! Through the years, Java EE has always reinventing itself. Java EE 8 will be no exception to this rule! In this session, we will look at the Java EE 8 plans. We will review the various new JSRs that will be part of Java EE 8 (e.g. MVC JSR, JSON-B JSR, Security JSR, Configuration JSR...). We will obviously also looks how the existing technologies will evolves for Java EE 8 (eg. Servlet 4 with the HTTP 2 support, JMS's plan to replace Message Driven Beans, CDI/EJB alignment, etc). We will conclude by looking at how the community can get involved in those works.

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Bio van David Delabassee

David Delabassée is a Software Evangelist working for Oracle; his primary focus is Java on the Server-Side, i.e. Java Enterprise Edition. Prior to Oracle, David spent a decade at Sun Microsystems focusing on Java end-to-end (from the smart card to the high end server), related technologies and developer tools. In his various roles, David has been involved in numerous Java projects since the early days of this technology. David lives in Belgium. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games with his daughter and tinkering with technologies such as Java, Home Automation,3D printers, electronics and pinballs.