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Akka in Practice: Designing Actor-based Applications

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Salvador JVM Languages
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15:45:00 - 16:35:00 Intermediate Nederlands

Akka in Practice: Designing Actor-based Applications from NLJUG

You have probably heard Jonas Bonér talk about Akka. Words like "scalable" and "reactive" are buzzing around the industry. There clearly is a growing need for scalable, reactive, event-driven applications but there is not all that much practical information out there about how to build serious applications this way. How would you go about designing an application around these new(ish) concepts? What does it mean for an application to be reactive? What works and what doesn't? 
In this talk we will show you what we have learned from multiple years of designing serious, real-world applications with Akka. We will show you which application and domain concepts should be modeled as actors, when and how to use Futures, how to prevent bottlenecks when calling blocking code, what Akka extensions are for, how to expose a REST API on top of Akka with Spray, and how to test all of the above. 
In short: we will assume you have heard the What and the Why so we will concentrate on the How

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Bio van Age Mooij & Raymond Roestenburg

Age Mooij discovered Scala in 2009 after many years of Java development. In that same year he founded the Dutch Scala Enthusiasts user group and started giving Scala Labs workshops. He has been developing Scala and Akka applications ever since and in March 2013 he released riak-scala-client, an easy to use non-blocking client library for the Riak database based on Scala Futures, Akka and Spray. He works for Xebia in the Netherlands as a senior developer and part-time CTO.

Raymond Roestenburg is writing the book "Akka in Action" for Manning. He has contributed to the Akka Camel module in Akka 2.x and has been using Akka in production since early 2010. He currently works at Xebia in the Netherlands as a senior consultant for all things related to Scala, Akka and Spray.