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Building scalable network applications with Netty

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Salvador New & Cool
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08:00:00 - 08:50:00 Advanced English

Building scalable network applications with Netty from NLJUG

Since the introduction of the Java NIO API's with Java 4, developers have access to modern operating system facilities to perform asynchronous IO. Using these facilities it is possible to write networking application that that serve thousands of connected clients efficiently. Unfortunately, the NIO API's are quite low level and require a fair share of boilerplate to get started. 

In this presentation, I will introduce the Netty framework and how its architecture helps you as a developer stay focused on the interesting parts of your network application. At the end of the presentation I will give some real world examples and show how we use Netty in the architecture of our mobile messaging platform XMS.

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Bio van Jaap ter Woerds

Jaap ter Woerds has been in the software industry since 2008 and has gained a broad experience in building mobile, desktop and server applications in Java. The last three years he spent at eBuddy, help building the scalable infrastructure that powers XMS and processes billions of messages 
on a monthly basis