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Cultivating the Jenkins job jungle with Groovy

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Vincent Tools
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11:45:00 - 12:35:00 Intermediate English

At bol.com we have 70+ applications that are built and supported by 1000+ Jenkins jobs. And that amount is growing by the week. Each set of Continuous Delivery pipelines consists of around 10 jobs which are mostly the same for each application. Maintaining these jobs in Jenkins by hand via the UI is a hell of a job and error-prone at best. What if there was a better way? A way to describe your Continuous Delivery pipelines in code which can be version-controlled, just like your regular code? There is! By using the Jenkins Job DSL plugin and a bit of Groovy scripting. In this code intensive talk you will learn how to significantly mitigate your risk of RSI by distilling your manual job configurations into automated scripts that are readable, easy to maintain and version controlled. tags: Jenkins, Jenkins JobDSL, Groovy

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Bio van Patrick van Dissel

DevOps minded Software Craftsman with Operational skills. Delivering Groovy Java solutions continuously in a Test Driven, Agile manner. Working on everything development process tooling related, like the Continuous Delivery build pipeline, with the Development Process Innovation team at bol.com. And in my free-time working on the next-gen, open-source, Continuous Delivery tool: Pipeline.cd @pvdissel github.com/pvdissel www.pipeline.cd