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Hands-on Labs: Hands-on with Java 8

Locatie Track
Curia 1.20 (hands-on-labs) Core
Tijd Moeilijkheidsgraad Taal
14:30:00 - 15:20:00 Beginner Nederlands

With the introduction of Java 8, the language undergoes one of the most influential changes in its history. New features like lambda expression and virtual extension methods open the gate to functional programming and ‘multiple inheritance’-like modularity, whose capabilities can profoundly improve the way we write software in Java. This hands-on session allows the participant to explore the new concepts, features and API's Java 8 introduces. The labs will cover a great variety of subjects: lambda expressions and method references as well as their application in the improved collections API (java.util.stream and java.util.function), default methods for backward-compatibility support and 'multiple inheritance'-like modularity, type annotations for improved type safety as well as the new Date-Time API . Most labs will have traditional code samples as starting point. The participant then has to rewrite these samples by making use of the new features Java 8 introduces. By doing so, he/she not only learns to apply the new APIs and concepts but also experiences the benefits they offer compared to the traditional approach. For an optimal kick-start material with a crisp introduction of the Java 8 additions will be provided. Besides that the lab sources, JDK and major IDE's will be available on memory sticks.

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Bio van Urs Peter & Nanne Baars

Urs Peter is Senior Consultant at Xebia. With more than twelve years of experience in IT he has held many roles, ranging from software architect, lead developer and Scrum Master. During his career he has explored a broad range of languages, software development techniques and tools for the JVM platform. His main languages are Java and Scala. Urs is a certified Scala trainer and an active member as well as co-organizer of the Dutch Scala Enthusiast community (DUSE).

Nanne Baars is Senior Developer at Xebia with almost ten years experience with JVM related technology. He likes to stay ahead of the curve by exploring and experimenting with new frameworks, API's and technologies.