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Hands-on Labs: Hands on Deployment with Docker

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De Stallen Tools
Tijd Moeilijkheidsgraad Taal
10:50:00 - 11:40:00 Intermediate Nederlands

Modular architectures that consist of many small (micro?) services yield many benefits. Small services tend to be simple and easy to test. The services can be heterogenous, as long as the interfaces are technology agnostic. Services may be assigned to individual teams with ownership of the complete build, test and deployment process. While individual services become much more simple, deployment of such a heterogeneous environment becomes increasingly complex. Docker helps to make heterogeneous deployment and provisioning simple. Based on Linux containers (lightweight virtualization technology standard in Linux), Docker makes the process of creating small light-weight virtual ‘machines’ that run a single service a breeze. Docker applies the Single Responsibility Principle to services. As long as you stick to Docker's philosophy of one service per container, provisioning is much simpler than with tools like Chef or Puppet. Docker enables a true DevOps approach, where teams can take full responsibility from start to running, tested software in production. In this hands-on lab, you can play with Docker provisioning. You will create your first Docker containers for a simple multi-service system, run them and monitor their status.

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Bio van Rob Westgeest & Marc Evers

After years of experience with Object Oriented Software Development with UML, several development processes and project approaches as developer, trainer and project leader, Rob Westgeest worked on his first XP project in 2000. And with great success! He supports projects and people in the application of agile practices, principles and values since then. Rob develops himself and others continuously by visiting, organising and hosting workshops at conferences and user group meetings like SPA, XP Days, XP-NL and Agile Open. Rob explains hard problems in a simple way, so the problems and the solutions are easy to fathom. He is able to let others experience what he learned quickly, and so doing guides teams around pitfalls. His enthusiasm and sense of humor makes it a great pleasure to work with Rob.

Marc Evers works as an independent coach, trainer and consultant in the field of (agile) software development and software processes. Marc develops true learning organizations that focus on continuous reflection and improvement: apply, inspect, adapt. Marc also organizes workshops and conferences on agile and lean software development, extreme programming, systems thinking, theory of constraints, and effective communication. Marc is co-founder of the Agile Open and XP Days Benelux conferences. Marc knows how to combine his real-world experience with knowledge that is out there to create novel solutions. He likes to add games to highly-rated workshops, so participants have fun and learn from experience.