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HoneySpider Network: a Java based system to hunt down malicious websites

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08:00:00 - 08:50:00 Beginner English

HoneySpider Network: a Java based system to hunt down malicious websites from NLJUG

Legitimate websites such as news sites happen to get compromised by attackers injecting malicious content. The aim of these so-called “watering hole attacks” is to infect as many visitors of a website as possible, and are sometimes even targeted at a specific group of individuals. It is increasingly important to detect these infections at an early stage. 

HoneySpider Network to the rescue! 
It is a Java based open source framework that automatically scans website urls, analyses the results and reports on any malware detected. 
Attend this talk to gain a better understanding of malware detection and client honeypots and get an overview of the HoneySpider Network’s architecture, its code and its plugins it uses. A live demo is also included!

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Bio van Niels van Eijck

Niels works as a Senior Java Developer for NCIM Groep in The Netherlands. He has years of experience with Java and all kinds of related API's and frameworks. He is currently active as a developer in the domain of Cyber Security and is a committer of the HoneySpider Network project. Niels is always looking for new challenges and ideas. He loves to share his knowledge with the developer community.