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How to talk to your product owners (and get them to do what you want)

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Vincent Methodology
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14:30:00 - 15:20:00 Beginner English

The Product Owner plays a very crucial rol in the success or failure of each Scrum team. As a consequence lots has been written about what makes the ideal product owner. However, in most cases and especially in very large organizations, the team cannot get to choose their business/stakeholder representative and you have to make do with somebody who does not understand their role or has trouble with their responsibillities. In this talk we will first explore a number of different generalisations of Product Owners that are out there and, more importantly, what makes Product Owners tick. Then we will address a number of different issues. Like the things you can do as a Scrum team member _yourself_ to help the Product Owner be better at his/her role. And how to address critical issues like technical debt without losing the transparency in your process.

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Bio van Lieke van der Poel

It is my goal to create enthusiasm for state-of-the-art technologies, agile methodologies and the possibilities of IT in general. Currently working as a streaming analytics masterbuilder/architect at ING, but spent the last couple of years as a product owner at the business side of the organisation. Previously worked as scrum master and Java/Scala developer at Xebia and Sogeti.