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HTML 5 Geolocation + WebSockets + Scalable JavaEE Backend

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Forum Romanum Cloud
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10:50:00 - 11:40:00 Beginner English

Location Aware apps are everywhere and we use them heavily in our day to day life. You have seen the stuff that Foursquare has done with spatial and you want some of that hotness for your app. But, where to start? In this session, we will build a location aware app using HTML 5 on the client and scalable JavaEE + MongoDB on the server side. HTML 5 GeoLocation API help us to find user current location and MongoDB offers Geospatial indexing support which provides an easy way to get started and enables a variety of location-based applications - ranging from field resource management to social check-ins. Next we will add realtime capabilities to our application using Pusher. Pusher provides scalable WebSockets as a service. The Java EE 6 backend will be built using couple of Java EE 6 technologies -- JAXRS and CDI. Finally , we will deploy our Java EE application on OpenShift -- Red Hat's public, scalable Platform as a Service.

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Bio van Shekhar Gulati

Shekhar Gulati is Principal OpenShift Developer Evangelist working with Red Hat. He has 8 years of software web development experience. He speaks about OpenShift at various conference and user groups around the world. Shekhar is an active writer and has written many technical articles for IBM DeveloperWorks, Developer.com, and JavaLobby. His current interests are NoSQL databases, cloud computing, mainly Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), mobile development, javascript frameworks, and new things happening in Java community.When he is not traveling, he loves to write code and read technology books. You can follow him on twitter @ shekhargulati.