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JVM bytecode engineering 101 - VIDEO ONLINE

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Forum Romanum Core
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16:40:00 - 17:30:00 Beginner Nederlands


JVM bytecode engineering 101 from NLJUG

This talk gets you started with JVM bytecode engineering. Kees Jan peels away the fluffy Java language syntax to lay bare the gears that make the JVM tick. He will show what options there are for you to compile bytecode and create classes just the way you want them to be. 
The talk starts by looking at the low level JVM architecture and the byte code design. You will learn how to compile your own class files from byte code. Kees Jan will demonstrate a number of byte code assemblers and disassemblers, discussing pro and con of each. 
You walk away from this talk with a solid understanding of class files and the JVM and byte code architectures.

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Bio van Kees Jan Koster

Kees Jan Koster is Java expert en entrepreneur. As a Java expert he specialises in performance tuning of large, distributed systems. As an entrepreneur Kees Jan is the founder and driving force behind http://java-monitor.com, the free, on-line Java monitoring tool. 
Kees Jan speaks often and energetically about Java and about distributed systems in general. He likes to challenge the audience to ask questions and offer rebuttal to his ideas.