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Live Coding Java 8 - VIDEO ONLINE

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Passe-Partout Core
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15:45:00 - 16:35:00 Intermediate English

Live coding java 8 urs peter from NLJUG

The most influential language features Java 8 is going to introduce are lambda expressions and virtual extension methods. These features open the gate to functional programming and ‘multiple inheritance’-like modularity in Java 8, whose capabilities are very likely to profoundly change the way we write software. 
In this presentation these promising features and related APIs will be explored by means of live-coding using the early access edition (EA) of Java 8. By doing so, the participants can get a ‘real taste’ of what Java 8 has in store. 
After a short introduction of Java 8, we will first explore the basics of lambda expressions and method references. The new interfaces that were introduced in favor of them will be explained in-depth. We then take a look at the new outfit of the Collection API, which has been extended to leverage the power of lambda’s. By live-coding virtual extension methods we will not only see the benefits ‘multiple inheritance’-like modularity has to offer but also gain a look behind the scenes of how the Collection API was extended without breaking backwards compatibility. 
The presentation will be concluded with a round-up and a crisp impact analysis of how Java 8 will affect the every day’s live of a developer. 
At the end of this session the participant has gained a good understanding of the new language features Java 8 introduces. He/she will get to know the powerful paradigms behind these features and learn how to apply them for writing more expressive, robust and concise code with considerably less lines. 

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Bio van Urs Peter

Urs Peter is Senior Consultant at Xebia. With more than twelve years of experience in IT he has held many roles, ranging from developer, software architect, team lead and Scrum master. During his career he has explored a broad range of languages, software development techniques and tools for the JVM platform. His main languages are Java and Scala. Urs is a certified Scala trainer and an active member as well as co-organizer of the Dutch Scala Enthusiast community (DUSE).