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On the integrity of data in Java Applications - VIDEO ONLINE

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Rembrandt Enterprise
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15:45:00 - 16:35:00 Intermediate Nederlands

On the integrity of data in Java Applications from NLJUG

The accuracy, internal quality, and reliability of data is frequently referred to using the term  'data integrity'. Without it, data is less valuable or even useless. This session takes a close look at what data integrity entails and how it can be enforced in multi-tier application architectures using distributed data sources and global transactions. The discussion will make clear which elements are required from any robust implementation of data oriented business rules aka data constraints and it will explain how most existing solutions are not as watertight as is frequently assumed. Steps for achieving reliable constraint enforcement are demonstrated.

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Bio van Lucas Jellema

Lucas Jellema is technical architect at AMIS, an Oracle, Java, and SOA specialist based in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. He works as a consultant, architect, and instructor in diverse areas such as Database & SQL, Java & Java EE, and SOA & BPM. The running theme through most of his activities is the transfer of knowledge and enthusiasm (and live demos). Lucas is a well known speaker at conferences such as JavaOne, Oracle Open World, Devoxx and NLJUG JSpring & JFall. He writes articles for Java Magazine, Oracle Technology Network and the AMIS Technology Weblog. In 2010, he published the Oracle SOA Suite 11g Handbook (McGraw Hill) and is currently working on its successor.