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Shootout! Template engines on the JVM

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08:00:00 - 08:50:00 Beginner English

Shootout! template engines on the jvm from NLJUG

Are you still using JavaServer Pages as you're main template language? With the popularity of template engines for other languages like Ruby and Scala and the shift in doing more MVC in the browser there are quite some new and interesting new template languages available for the JVM. During this session we will take a look at the less known, but quite interesting new template engines and see how they compare with the industries standards.

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Bio van Jeroen Reijn

Jeroen is Lead Architect at Hippo’s professional services department in the Netherlands. He has a strong focus on scalability and high performance multi-channel content delivery. Jeroen is an active community member and committer at several open source projects hosted at the Apache Software Foundation.