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Speedy perception trumps speedy reception – Smart Asynchronous Interactions

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Rembrandt Enterprise
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16:40:00 - 17:30:00 Beginner Nederlands

In many parts of today’s application architectures, a synchronous model is in use for all questions – even those that are really more one way messages than two-way questions, for example HTTP requests from browser to server and JDBC database requests. This approach of ‘hold your breath after asking a question until the response comes in’ is not smart and no longer necessary. This session describes how by leveraging opportunities for asynchronous processing,the perceived responsiveness of our systems is likely to improve. Frequently, the actual scalability is enhanced as well by making much better use of parallel processing power of current CPUs and Virtual Machines and by throttling peak loads by deferring some of the work. This presentation includes the browser (HTML 5, JavaScript, Web Sockets & SSE), middle tier (Java EE, Service Bus) and Database.

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Bio van Lucas Jellema

Lucas Jellema is technical architect and CTO at AMIS, an Oracle, Java, and SOA specialist based in The Netherlands, The Netherlands. He works as a consultant, architect, and instructor in diverse areas such as Database & SQL, Java & Java EE, and SOA & BPM. The running theme through most of his activities is the transfer of knowledge and enthusiasm (and live demos). Lucas is a well known speaker at conferences such as Oracle Open World, JavaOne and various Java and Oracle User Group conferences around the world, such as NLJUG JFall in The Netherlands. He writes articles for media such as OTN, OTech and the AMIS Technology Weblog. In 2010, he published the Oracle SOA Suite 11g Handbook (McGraw Hill) and is currently working on the SOA Suite 12c Handbook.