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What every developer needs to know about cryptography

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ExpoTheater Core
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14:15:01 - 15:05:00 Advanced English

Cryptography is often shrouded like it is a black art. While you should stay away from implementing your own crypto, there’s plenty of components available in the Java ecosystem that can help you. But, what are they, and what to all those terms mean? In this session, we will unpack the jargon and show you different types of cryptography. We will visit some of the common pitfalls, talk about relative performance, and take a peek at new developments such as attribute based encryption. To top it all off, we go into the core Java APIs that available to help you. You will leave this session with a newfound appreciation of the tools available, and have a better understanding of which parts are too hot too handle.

Bio van Angelo van der Sijpt

Angelo is a Fellow and Software Architect at Luminis, where he focuses on connected devices, security, and is a firm believer in the power of service design and simplicity in software. The main thing that binds his projects is that all have a "twist", be it in hardware, scale, or security requirements. Angelo is an Apache committer on the Apache ACE project, and has spoken at conferences such as Apachecon and Oredev. He is a frequent flyer at hands-on sessions such as those of Devnology and Agile Holland.