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De Bruyn Kopsstraat 9
2288 EC Rijswijk (ZH)
(+31) 70 319 5000

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categorie├źn: IT Services

Qualogy combines standard software and proven technologies like Oracle and Java with the latest technological insights in the field of Data Science, Cloud Computing, HTML5 and the Internet of Things. With 360 colleagues and associates based in The Netherlands and Suriname, Qualogy serves a growing number of clients in various branches.

Currently, our developer-teams teams are diving into Machine Learning, Machine Intelligence, Google Cloud Platform (with data products like DataFlow, DataProc, BigQuery) Hadoop, Spark and others. Our developers also focus on Cloud topics in general (like Docker and Kubernetes) and Web development topics (Polymer, Web Components, Progressive Web).

Learn more about Qualogy on our website and find career opportunities on werkenbijqualogy.com.